Hire Vibes - Design and Print for a Dapp that gives back


Recently we had the great pleasure of designing and printing t-shirts for HireVibes.


HireVibes is an open source jobs platform on the EOS.IO blockchain.

As a crowdsourcing jobs Dapp, HireVibes rewards users with cryptocurrency tokens for successfully applying or referring candidates to job openings. HireVibes also gives back to the environment by transparently donating a portion of the crypto token reward to humanitarian and environmental initiatives.

At Get Funky, we are big fans of the potential of blockchain technology and we were delighted to get behind a project like HireVibes that is using this new technology to make the world a better place.

Firstly, we worked with the team on a design for the t-shirt.


Our research had shown us that a branded t-shirt is a staple for a lot of blockchain projects/companies, and we wanted to strike a balance between ensuring the branding was front and centre, but adding a little something extra to stand out.

The HireVibes brand is indeed front and centre with the logo on the chest. The website URL on the tail of the shirt is less obtrusive but is bold enough to be legible from a distance. We added another little logo at the top for balance and to highlight the logo itself and allow it to stand proud on its own.

Looking at the front and back of the shirt, we see a nice balance and each side has necessary elements, and gives all the info and branding elements needed.

The final touch was the colour graphic to the side of the t-shirt. Adding another colour always helps a t-shirt pop, and it certainly does against solely black and white elements such as this one.

The graphic that is an element of HireVibes branding is balanced, which allows it to sit comfortably on the side of the t-shirt. Since the graphic is the same on each side, anybody looking at the t-shirt sees the same thing, no matter which side it is seen from.


Then it was time to print them up.


We screen printed the t-shirts using water-based ink. As always, we use waterbased inks as they are eco-friendly, free of plastics and PVC in comparison to plastisol inks.
For a project such as HireVibes, which is designed to give back to the environment, nothing was ever going to change there.

Since opacity can be an issue with light colours on dark t-shirts we used supercover inks that are still water-based but have added pigment. This allows the colours to pop with great levels of opacity, only leaving behind a slightly rougher feel to the print than traditional waterbased inks.



This was the dream type of job for us, to be involved in both the design and the print from start to finish and to work with the client to provide a solution that came from us and worked for them.

It’s exactly what we love to do and it’s also nice to know that it’s for a project that is working for a great cause.

Find out more at hirevibes.io

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