Get Funky's Journey to the World of Screen Printing


We are now officially proud to say that all of our products are now screen printed in-house by Get Funky.

What does that mean?

Screen Printing is a stencil process where ink is laid on to the garment through a silk screen which has been emulsified with the created design.

Our previous alternative to this was vinyl printing where vinyl material was melted onto the garment. Although it gave us sharp images and colours that really popped, the extra material could be bulky on a light t-shirt and led to some deterioration after a few washing and drying cycles.


The beauty of the age old screen printing process that we have adopted is that there is little to no feel on the t-shirt when the ink is added, as it dyes the areas of the design on the t-shirt as opposed to sitting on top and clinging on for dear life. We have chosen to use water based inks as they have the least weight on the garment and are super smooth once cured. They also have a better impact on the environment as there's no nasty chemicals involved as there can be with alternative inks and also makes it much easier to clean up after the work is done.

All this means that the Get Funky t-shirts or other products you are buying are now better for the environment, softer, lighter, wash better and are not limited to certain colours or designs. They are ultimately much better quality, which means a lot to us as we want your t-shirt to be funky as hell but also to serve you as a quality product.
We believe in constant product improvement, and we're delighted with this step forward in the quality of our products and it frees us up to make even better stuff for you in the future. 


Our first successful print. The first of many!


It was challenging but very rewarding to learn, experiment and make mistakes (of which there were many) to develop the right way to make it work for us.
This allows us the flexibility and skills to create our own prints, and customise for our clients and we felt it was necessary to learn the process from scratch, and develop it all in house.

Well don't just stand there, try one out! Or if you are looking to source some screen printed clothes for a project, learn from our mistakes (did we mention we made some), or give some feedback, as always, we'd love to hear from you.

Sean MallenComment