GOOSED.IE - Custom Graphic T-Shirts


We hooked up with our friends over at to design and print some custom graphic t-shirts.
We love tech, we love their fun style and we love jobs like this where we can Get Funky and create the whole t-shirt from start to finish and give them something one of a kind.


In keeping with the branding, we chose a pinkish lavender, so that the purple in their colour palette would contrast nicely when printed. Dark ink on light colours works well when screen printing, but light ink on dark colours doesn’t work as well due to the opacity. Even if you are using plastisol or supercover inks, it can be hard to get the right level of opacity to make it pop, and often ends up with a faded/vintage look.

The graphic is a nod to the tech domain, and their abundance of tech information culminating in a yurt experience for the reader, as well as listeners of their Tech Yurt Podcast.

We screen printed them with our purple water based ink and they came out just as hoped!


If like us, you're into tech and can't keep up, check out their website and Tech Yurt Podcast, it's my go to site for reviews on all the cool new tech gadgets I don't get to play with.
And big shout out to them for Getting Funky, investing in their brand and letting us create them some custom gear!

Sean MallenComment