OFFSET 2019 - A Creative Pilgrimage


I’m just back from Offset 2019, with a backpack full of printed goodies, a copy book full of notes and a mind full of creative inspiration.
2019 was the tenth anniversary of Offset and my 2nd consecutive year in attendance, and it wasn’t long before I was reminded what made me fall in love with the event that I first attended last year.


Displays of creative works for clients such as Apple, U2, Barack Obama and Time Magazine gives you a scale of the heavy hitters in attendance and to see under the hood of the ideas, processes and challenges of the biggest brands in the world was truly amazing. With creatives from different fields such as illustration, graphic design, video & motion graphics, advertising, photography and much more there was something for every one. There was Irish creatives as well as International creatives and 3 stages full of inspiring work, ideas and stories.

With too many highlights to mention, we recommend you check out the creatives that were in attendance. From graphic design legend Lance Wyman, to Irish artist Joe Caslin whose poignant work on the Irish scene closed the show to a standing ovation. There was so much value on offer as has been the case for the last 10 years.


With all great pilgrimages there’s a significant amount of suffering involved. A sacrifice given up for the enlightenment on offer, and Offset was no different. With a jam packed schedule and a fear of missing out on a potential life-changing nugget of design wisdom from any of the accomplished speakers, it is a 9-hour schedule of talks for 3 consecutive days, punctuated by after parties to really sort the men from the boys, and of course the women from the girls.
But by the end you are exhilarated and exhausted, inspired and tired, and looking forward to filling the year ahead with some work of your own, until they do it all again.

Here’s to the next 10!
Long Live Offset!

Sean MallenComment