The Champ T-Shirt and the Kamikaze Koala that Kould


Our fan favourite Champ T-Shirt was a graphic that was commissioned by a dear friend of ours.

It is an ode to 3 winters spent hemisphere hopping.
From Vancouver to Sydney to Dublin, a journey which left our poor friend without seeing the beauty of summer in a long time. 

We decided to crest the t-shirt crest to give respect to the three locations in question.
Three incredible cities they remain, no matter the time of year. 

On the back, since no summer and no vitamin D can be a recipe to get you feeling a bit down and out, we chose to stay strong and respect the journey of almost 2 years without summer and went with a bit of motivation for anyone who ends up doing likewise. "Walk like a champ, run from the sun"

And our kamikaze koala**, a nod to the origin of the heroine of the story. 

We love an interesting story played out in wearable form. If you'd like us to design a graphic to represent a story of yours, contact us today.

**No Koalas were harmed or pressured into dying for their country in the making of this t-shirt.

Sean MallenComment