Our First Ever Lean, Mean, Funky Time-Telling Machine


As much as we love to make customised products for our clients, we are also on a mission to bring out or own brand of original and hella funky products. 
As well as our current range of graphic clothing, we have added clocks to our collection!

This is the first in our range, and with a few lessons learned along the way we are proud to show you our first ever lean, mean, funky, time-telling machine. 

We combined our beloved, black white + 1, colour combo with a yellow that resembles a mix of lemon peel and giraffe hide, the combo you've always dreamed of.

Made from lightweight birch, it's a very simple design and does exactly what a clock should do, as well as looking great on your wall (or ceiling or floor....?).

We really enjoyed making this, and we're going to add to our range very soon so keep an eye out, they will be available to buy from our shop and be sure to contact us if you would like one customised just for you. 

Sean MallenComment