Sleepy Time Graphic

I've found that graphic images pop into my mind's eye while drifting in and out of sleep.

Thomas Edison was rumoured to have tried to induce this half-sleep phase to seek out creative solutions to problems.
He would sit in his armchair with a ball bearing in his hand and his notepad by his side. When he would drift off, his body would relax to the point where he would drop the ball bearing and the sound of it crashing against the floor would wake him up.
He would then hurriedly grab his notepad and scribble down whatever was in his head.

(This story has also been attributed to other great creatives including Salvador Dali, also using different items. These types of stories tend to illustrate the idea behind the method as opposed to being factually correct.)

More recent studies believe it to be caused by theta brain waves, which are also considered as the reason people have their best ideas in the shower as well as the occurrence of daydreaming.

I feel a strong desire to produce these ideas as they come organically from my own mind as opposed to being a project requested by a client or influenced by a previous project or event.

Anyways, if I can picture and remember the image that organically popped up in my mind I try to reproduce it when I wake up.

This is one of them.

Sean MallenComment