Studio Luden - 2 Colour Screen Printed T-Shirts


Get Funky recently had the honour of putting together some custom gear for Studio Luden an Irish design studio based in County Clare run by Darragh O'Loughlin. The studio is inspired by combining traditional skills and crafts with modern technology to create bespoke interiors, furniture and industrial products.

We were to print up the first batch of t-shirts for Studio Luden, with a two-colour image that had a little touch of our own Swirly graphic involved. It would be our first official two-colour screen print job so I was keen to make sure our approach would work just as well as it had in the past with our own personal two-colour projects.


We laid the two colour graphic on the crest of the shirt with neon pink on the base, overlayed with the black linework.
We had this in mind from step one and lined this up on the screens when we were plotting and exposing, so when the time came to lay down the ink, it all lined up perfectly. As always with screen printing, all necessary details and steps in the preparation of the screens are vital. The pull of the ink is the easy part, and the success of it is already determined by the proper preparation of the screens.

We then printed the Studio Luden logo on the back of the neck in a one colour print and shuffled on down to the beautiful setting of Lahinch Co. Clare for a few photos.


As well as the screen printed t-shirts, we vinyl cut and heat pressed a Studio Luden logo onto a polyester canvas bag and it came out very crisp and smooth. Vinyl can sometimes have issues on t-shirts, throughout the washing and drying process, but as backpacks are meant to be hand wash with a wet cloth or sponge (if they are ever washed at all), then it means vinyl is a great option for applied graphics. It’s easy to put together and has a great durability, as well as a very smooth finish against the heavier backpack base.


Keep an eye out for Studio Luden, as he continues to create a wide range of beautiful products, especially now as they’re gonna be doing it in some Get Funky T-Shirts. Looking forward to more collaborations in the future, check them out at

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