Why "that'll do" wont do when it comes to Logo Design


Cracking open a fresh sketchbook would be marked as a more joyous occasion if it wasn't such a frequent occurrence in the Get Funky Design office.

I get through quite a few sketchbooks, especially when designing logos.

There are any number of different ways to approach a logo design and it's important to me to examine many potential solutions until you get to one that has that elusive bit of magic.

As a logo designer, it’s impossible not to internally assess and critique nearly every logo that I come across. It’s important to keep it internal most of the time however. I’m of the opinion that someone’s logo is a bit like their boyfriend/girlfriend. Nobody likes to hear that they could have chosen something a little more aesthetically pleasing.

Besides, it’s very possible they see something that I’m missing, maybe they’re happy having found contentment, after growing tired of looking for “the one”. This is highly possible, as sometimes you can go through hundreds of different options before giving up, cracking open a bottle of wine and telling yourself, “I’m a strong independent business, and I don’t need no logo”.

But if I’ve learned anything from 19 year old life coaches on Instagram it’s that nothing worth having in life is easily attained. An immediate strike of creative genius of the perfect logo is an incredibly rare occurrence, and when it comes, it’s often followed by a google search which uncovers that this idea has been played out many times already.

The less glamorous assessment of the craft is that hard work pays off, and so does patience. I don’t settle for “that’ll do” after option 3 or 300, persistence and time are essential ingredients to any design project and eventually I will create the logo that is right for the job. I believe design is important and therefore it’s important to endeavour to create valuable designs, there is already enough trash out there.

Much love,
Seany Mal

Sean Mallen2 Comments