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Logo Design

A logo doesn’t make a brand, but it’s the best place to start.
If you are a new business that needs a logo, or an existing business looking to re brand, we work hard to design a logo that will work for your business wherever it may be seen.

Logo Plus - Startup Package

The Logo Plus package is designed for startups to give you everything you need to get the ball rolling on your business and setup a strong foundation for your branding.
Package includes:

  • Consultation on branding for your business

  • Logo Design

  • Design for up to 3 relevant touchpoints (business cards, social media skins, letterhead etc.)

The Works - Full Visual Identity

A full visual identity helps to ensure a consistent, tailored experience wherever your brand may be seen and is the most powerful way to help you to communicate and engage with your community.
This is a collaborative process where we learn all about your business to develop a visual identity that combines design with strategy to produce business results.
Package includes:

  • Brand Strategy

  • Logo Design

  • The overall look & feel (defining colours, fonts, and graphic elements as well as scale and interaction with text & image and other media)

  • Relevant Touchpoints (Print, social media, packaging, website etc.)

  • Brand Guideline document (helping you to manage brand assets for correct future usage and consistency in application)


If you’re ready to build your brand, we’d love to hear from you.